Nimi Skincare Elite Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions 

These Influencer Terms and Conditions govern the services to be provided by influencers participating in the Nimi Skincare Elite Affiliate Program.


Last updated: June 2024

1. scope of work

The Influencer will create video or photo content as requested by Nimi Skincare, which the Influencer will post to their social media platforms. Nimi Skincare may provide the Influencer with company-branded products for use in creating content.

2. content and posting requirements

The Influencer shall send all draft posts to Nimi Skincare ( for pre-approval. If Nimi Skincare does not approve the posts, the Influencer will modify the post until approval is granted.


The content for each post must:

  1. Comply with instructions and guidelines provided by Nimi Skincare, including subject matter, quality, theme, formatting, copy, tone, messaging, and branding.
  2. Feature the product as the focal point.
  3. Be free of any trademarks, logos, product-identifying features, or otherwise protected intellectual property of any other brand or third party.

Each post must:

  1. Feature a consistent story, theme, or message related to Nimi Skincare’s brand goals.
  2. Include the hashtags #NimiSkincare #NimiPartner in the copy.
  3. Include any other hashtags, tags, mentions, or links relating to Nimi Skincare as provided or pre-approved in writing by Nimi Skincare.

Other Guidelines:

  1. The Influencer shall not delete, archive, or remove any posts published to their account for 90 days after the post’s date of publication.
  2. The Influencer shall abide by any reasonable style or brand guidelines that Nimi Skincare may provide.

3. federal trade commission, statutory, and judicial requirements

  • The Influencer agrees to comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and laws, including U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) endorsement guidelines that require influencers to conspicuously state their commercial relationship when promoting or endorsing products.
  • The Influencer agrees to review and comply with Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) guidelines for posts directed at children under 13 that may contain advertising messages.

4. compensation

  • Gift: Nimi Skincare may gift the Influencer with products, which the Influencer agrees not to sell to a third party or return.
  • Payment: The Influencer will receive payment based on the usage of their affiliate link. 


They will earn a 20%-35% commission on all sales generated through their affiliate link, depending on their tier. Nimi Skincare will calculate and remit these payments monthly. Influencers must provide all necessary completed U.S. Government and/or Internal Revenue Service Forms (e.g., W-9) to ensure proper payment processing. No payments will be issued if the necessary forms are not provided.

5. taxes and other fees

The Influencer represents and warrants that they are solely responsible for all taxes related to Nimi Skincare’s payment, including any federal, state, and local taxes.

6. grant of rights

The Influencer hereby grants Nimi Skincare permission to use their content for digital and online advertising, marketing, and communication directed at consumers.